Good morning. I thought I’d share some information for all of those college students out there looking to or thinking about transferring schools and word of warning to high school seniors for future reference. I have 3 students this year that I have been assisting in the transfer application process from one 4 year University to another. Important – KNOW HOW MANY credit hours are required to be taken on the University campus that you are currently enrolled to receive your AA degree PRIOR to applying as a TRANSFER student. Every University, State College and Junior College has different requirements. For example, if you are at UNF in Florida, you must have 30 credit hours at UNF towards your AA out of your 60 that you’ve completed, to apply as a transfer to UF.

I hope this helps to avoid some confusion and potentially money-wasting circumstances.

I am enjoying working with transfer students in this process and also placing them in internships. I’ve learned to make sure above issues are resolved in the process, so that we have a smooth transition.


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