Community Service

It’s that time of year where students are done! Exams have their brains fried and they are running to the school parking lots as fast as they can; break time! For most, serving their community over the Holidays is the farthest thing from their mind (let’s just be honest). However, it’s a great time of year to do exactly that. Hundreds of organizations collect food, blankets, toys, etc for their cause and/or your community. In addition, there are holiday festivals, shelters, hospitals, Churches, etc that benefit a cause or your community with needs for volunteers. Involvement, especially in a community event or non profit organization can provide students (and the whole family) with a new perspective, allow for experiences a student can draw from later at college essay time and maybe even create a new family tradition.

Note: Make sure any time you spend volunteering, if you need community service hours for graduation or scholarships, that you ask for documentation on non profit letterhead that states your full name, date (s) and total hours volunteered.

For details on local volunteer opportunities this Holiday season, please follow my Soar 2 Success Consulting FB page.

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