Interviewing Check Mate

Interviewing Tips, Role Playing and proper Body Language are just a few of the techniques I’ve found to lead to successful results. Experts say the combination of intriguing conversation and proper body language are keys to success.

Interviewing skills will be used early in high school for part time jobs, internships, honors clubs, leadership positions, academic competitions and as seniors for selective admissions, scholarships, competitive internships and much more moving into post secondary schools or the job market.

#1 – Be Prepared ✔or prepare to fail ❌ Role play with a professional College Consultant or a mentor.

#2 – Dress for Success – business attire (if video interview same rules apply!)

#3 – Smile!

#4 – Make eye contact with interviewer or with everyone in the room before answering a question if multiple interviewers.

#5 – Leave out the cologne or perfume for interview.

#6 – Do not fidget with your face, hands, pen/pencil, etc. Keep hands in lap, folded in front of you or as expression only.

#7 – Know Top Questions or Conversation Prompts prior to interview to best prepare (my next blog – listed by college).

#8 – See fun & helpful body language graphic. Remember poor body language or distractions can cost you the job/intern or admission.

photo by Norma Molina

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