College Admissions – Waiting Anxiety

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and there’s a simple reason — senior applications! Now it’s what we senior student advisors simply refer to as — the “waiting” season. It’s this anxiety-filled period between December – March in which the majority of our student clients are waiting for those coveted admissions letters or online decisions.

Most students and parents think there’s nothing to do but wait. Not true. Below are a few tips that could make a difference in the news a student receives:

  1. Report any updated test scores to each college you applied to. For rolling decisions, it could result in a quicker answer or additional merit awards.
  2. Send any positive additions to your senior resume in an email to your top college’s admissions office highlighting these accomplishments; awards, executive elected positions, big athletic or academic recognition, internship, etc
  3. 1st semester grades can be reported (in some cases required), only if a dramatic improvement, an academic award or a specific cerification received; Fall dual enrollment transcript is a plus.
  4. Send an email to admissions if you’ve visited campus, attended an info session or specialty progran tour, etc letting them know how much you enjoyed it and “why” you feel its a perfect fit for you.
  5. Get good grades – continue to work hard on academics, colleges don’t want to see a major decline in committment to coursework.

Good luck!

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