It’s Senior Year – NOW what!?

studente medicina

It’s that time of year, high school students are starting to get in the swing of things and tests have begun … and the texts and calls are coming in for help. For seniors however, it’s a much more anxiety-filled time, a time when in the past was filled with fun, Friday night football and relaxing from the pressures of year’s past as far as academics were concerned. Not any more, sadly for senior students wanting to attend State Flagship Universities or top out-of-state (OOS) schools the anxiety for both students and parents is at an all-time high.

In an effort to combat the above-mentioned anxiety, I try very hard to begin the college “admissions” prep process as early as 9th grade, with pieces of the moving parts added each year, throughout the year. Partnering and taking much of the stress off of the family, by advising on coursework, extracurricular, community service and the entire application process is just part of the Soar 2 Success winning formula.

Here are some ways your senior can combat stress this senior year:

  • DO NOT procrastinate the college application prep process; there are steps.
  • DO NOT apply to colleges you would never attend; location, finances, low acceptance probability.
  • DO NOT join a bunch of clubs/honors societies senior year, continue with commitments but don’t add new ones. Reality is admissions sees right through it, adding activities just to build a resume – its too late! P.S. There are some exceptions.
  • DO NOT stack on 5-8 AP courses unless you’ve been counseled to do so for specific University admissions (competitiveness).
  • DO spend time with friends!
  • DO attend your high school sporting events and special events!
  • DO Yoga or Meditation or a Faith-based study!
  • DO take a vacation or stay-cation with your family!
  • DO continue to Volunteer EVEN if you do NOT need the hours!
  • DO manage & prioritize Homework & Studying – DO NOT CRAM!
  • DO set up a college application checklist and work through it at a steady pace. All should be complete before due dates (Nov 1 for most colleges – go to their websites for application deadlines – ED, EA, RD or rolling)




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