Reflection Journal

Over the past few years, I have developed a theory that teaching students to reflect makes them more thoughtful and engaged citizens. In addition, there are so many benefits for them and the college admissions process. See my teaching notes below. Start reflecting!

Reflection Journal Podcast

Student Reflection – is to understand the world around you and to be in touch w/your emotional connection to it and your experiences. In an age of distractions, this is lost many times & to become good at reflecting, it must be intentional and consistent.

  • Get a Journal or Notebook.
  • Start anytime 8-11th grade.
  • Write a short journal entry for each experience you have (min paragraph or even bullet points); volunteer event, club meeting/event, internship, travel, summer experience, etc.

Sample Journal Page:

Today I volunteered at the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. My friends and I formed a team, Team Cure and we walked all day & night to represent the long fight for a cancer patient and the long journey for the family and people that care for them. I met several kids my age who were walking for their Mom’s they lost. I can’t imagine. It was overall a celebration of life but sad too. I really want to get more involved in this organization. We raised over $5000 for this event by selling raffle tickets to win a gift card tree.

  • Add a photo (from phone or social media), flyer or news clipping related to event.
  • Assists in development of essays; for school English courses, AP test DBQ college essays, scholarship essays, etc.
  • Develops skills needed in college for coursework, tests w/prompts, law/med school, etc.
  • Assists in the development of college application resume – keeps track of involvement and makes it easier to describe.
  • Gift to look back on later in life.


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