I asked a large group of my students grades 9-11 what was the biggest stressor in their lives and the thing that most affects their mental health. The most popular answer, by far, was school –– homework, grades, exams, expectations, lack of time.

I believe we can all find ways as parents and myself as a professional college consultant, to help ease this stress while still guiding students to reach for big life goals.

My list of suggestions so far including some that I can guide my families to take advantage of and a few I will advocate for in our local school system. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on this subject.

For schools:

One “test free week” a quarter

One “homework free” week per quarter

No homework or projects during breaks or vacations!

Calendars to avoid overlapping tests.

My suggestions for students:

Involvement in the Community – a project they are passionate about.

Prayer, Yoga, Meditation, etc – any form of daily relaxation

Reflection Journaling – putting their thoughts & feelings to paper (not text)

Time each evening WITHOUT their cell phone (or Netflix) – spending time with the family or any part of it talking about NON academic related thoughts.

Let me know what you think and what you’d add to these lists.

In this Together, Carrie

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