Offered Admisson v. Not Offered Admission

I would like to suggest that students are “offered admission” or “not offered admission.” Our society must make a conscious effort to stop saying “accepted” and “rejected”.

Accepted or rejected implies that the onus is on the student to prove worthiness. Students will not be offered admission to all of the schools that I have assisted them in determing are “good fit” colleges because of the numbers, the big business nature of higher education and supply and demand, not because they are not worthy. It needn’t be personal.

Students need to know that applying is all about them until they hit the submit button, then it’s about numbers, data, diversity, affordability, etc.

Even the students I work with that have done everything “right”, checked every box (GPA, test scores, rigor, extraordinary resume, etc) will receive some “not accepted” responses. My job is to make sure they know “fit” is most important and that they can succeed, be happy and have an amazing experience no matter where they attend – it’s all up to them. Life takes us down some unexpected paths, as adults its our job to share that many times those roads lead us to who we were meant to be.

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